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Hi! Please accept the greetings from the staff of the TCM Center.

Dear Sir,
Christmas is coming! Where will you spend the Christmas holiday with your family? Wherever you are, please accept the best regards from the staff of our TCM center: Merry Christmas! Wish all of you peace, joy and happiness!And also wish you a memorable Christmas night!

Nowadays, Christmas day is becoming one of the popular festivals among the young people in China. Usually, we held kinds of celebration for the Christmas. In Guilin, for example, we can go sightseeing on the Li River to enjoy the green hills and blue water; we can explore the amazing nature scenery in the caves which is full of grotesque rocks in Yangshuo, Guilin; we can visit the ethnic character and style village to get the local customs, taste the local most characteristic dishes and enjoy the ethnic sing and dancing. As evening draws on, we enjoy ourselves around the fire by singing and dancing. It is a fantastic experience.

If you have not decided your holiday plan, please come to Guilin to join us. This year, we will hold a grand feast ----“Christmas Extravaganza Day”! We will provide you a special Christmas day. For detailed information, please visit :Christmas day

I wish you and your family live healthily and happily.Looking forward to your replyBest Wishes!

Wish you and your family again a happy Christmas Day.

Dr. Huang Yuanzhong

  • Who would you like to spend the Christmas festival with? With your friend or just yourself?With a group of people from all over the world would be also a good idea! So join us and have the special Christmas day. Limited numbers are available, please come immediately!
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