page-first and Zotero

I had a user report a style that still has a comment like this:

          <!-- TODO: Change to page-first when Zotero supports it -->
          <text variable="page"/>

I just wanted to know if that is something still true that such support is missing. There are also a number of styles where this is used (and it’s valid CSL 1.0 as far as I can tell).

Is it OK to update those styles now? Otherwise, I’ll just add some special code to fix those in Papers2 specifically at the moment.


Charles Parnot
twitter: @cparnot

I had a user report a style that still has a comment like this:

         <!-- TODO: Change to page-first when Zotero supports it -->
         <text variable="page"/>

Not sure, but why would a client need to support this? Why not just
ship off the page value, and let the processor strip it down to the
first page?


page-first is supported in Zotero and it’s OK - in fact very welcome -
to update styles with that requirement.

I think Zotero support here meant CSL 1.0 implementation.

My understanding is indeed that the page-first variable was not properly handled by Zotero, for some reason (but eventually was). In the meantime, it was still better to use the page variable to return a useful value, instead of an empty string or an error. From this thread, I gather support was added around 2.1:


I also found this one:

        <!-- TODO: Change to page-compact when Zotero supports it -->
        <text variable="page" form="short"/>

I assume page-compact was either meant to be page-first, or maybe never added to the CSL specs?

2.1 was when Zotero switched to citeproc and CSL 1.0. There was never
a particular problem with page-first.
Mendeley had switched to CSL 1.0 earlier and the specs were out, so
that was a source of confusion for a period of time.

Can’t tell you about the page “short” - that could also refer to
page-range-format=“minimal” also introduced with CSL 1.0.

Let’s see what Rintze has to say :wink:

I’m sure about this one - I have coded and tested styles with page-first.

Sure, I pushed the changes already. I am still unsure about the page-compact stuff.

what’s the style? - I’m pretty sure that option never existed in any
CSL-related document.

It’s in elsevier-vancouver

yes, looking at the style guide that refers to
page-range-format=“minimal” - which is already included in cs:style.
Definitely not page-first - the style wants page ranges.

I can’t recall ever having come across the term “page-compact” in any
Zotero/CSL discussions. I tried to look at the “blame” of the style, but
couldn’t easily trace who added the comment. CSL 1.0 introduced several
additions to the rendering of pages and page ranges (see ).


It looks like a good candidate for what the intention was for this comment… I have not changed that style, since I was unsure about that. It seems you have figured it out from the style guide, so I will let you change it :slight_smile:

it’s already in the current version.