One last proposal: range-delimiter for date-part

In the process of clearing the tracker for citeproc-js, I ran up
against a potential problem with the delimiter used to separate the
two sides of a date range. The default I’ve used is a hyphen, but
that could cause problems with numeric dates that are themselves

To provide the flexibility to step around the problem gracefully, I’d
like to propose (my last proposal for 1.0, I promise) adding a
range-delimiter option to the date-part element. The reason for
putting it on date-part is that you might (in come date formats in
some languages) conceivably want different delimiters depending on the
element (year, month,day) at which the dates diverge. Setting the
delimiter on date-part, with a default value of a hyphen, gives the
necessary flexibility, while leaving most styles free of clutter.

There would be next to no clutter, because the default is going to be
fine almost all of the time, and the alternate delimiter can be set on
the localized version of the numeric style for a language, which will
almost never need to be touched in the body of a a style file.

I’ve opened a ticket for this, if it could be considered with the
rest, it would be great.


No complaints here. (very small niggle: for the suggested patch, I’d propose
switching around the form/range-delimiter attributes, so the order is the
same as in the attribute annotation directly above)

RintzeOn Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 8:09 AM, Frank Bennett <@Frank_Bennett>wrote: