Non breaking spaces?


I got the following request from a user:----
when disambiguating names (i.e., adding the first initial before a name in
in-text citations), is there a way to put a non-breaking space between the
initial and the last name? It looks odd when a line ends with a single

This sounds like a potentially useful feature and I couldn’t find any
reference to it in the CSL spec.


I can’t recall having ever discussed this, and I can’t find any posts on it
in the xbiblio archive.

I tried to disprove the need for this feature by looking at my own
publications, but I discovered a different use of non-breaking spaces. "My"
journal uses them between author initials (see e.g. references 15 and 36 of : there are no cases where
initials are split over multiple lines, but lines may end with initials.
Non-breaking spaces aren’t included after the last initial, between name
particles, or between the last name particle and the family name-part).

RintzeOn Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Steve Ridout <@Steve_Ridout>wrote:

Probably because it doesn’t often happen in practice.

I don’t see any need to add it to the CSL syntax, so the only other
place is to add some language to the actual spec. What precise
language would you suggest?