new style browser?

So prompted by twitter comment from William Gunn, adamsmith added an issue:

… which suggests we try to figure out how to deliver a way to community
rate styles.

But I still think we need something more basic: an updated way to browse
styles, complete with enhanced previewing.

I’m really not a very effective coder, but playing with the jquery data
table plugin and some python code, I get a result like this:

[image: Screenshot-4.png]

So we have a sortable and filterable table, with paging support, and a
disclosure option for previews. With a little work, it could be a pretty
spiffy way for CSL users to find and grab styles.

My question for all the hackers here:

How are we going to incrementally deliver on this? What path do we want to
take, and who’s going to do the work?

It seems to me the simplest, biggest-bang-for-buck, approach is to expand on
what I’ve done, with a combination of JQuery and static files, perhaps
served off github.

We can worry about commenting and rating later.

I will say, though, that I’m wondering if node.js + express + citeproc-js
wouldn’t be a good approach for a dynamic, more feature-complete repo app:
it’d be fairly simple to write, it would be fast, and it’d have integrated
previewing. If if is, though, it could still build off the static approach.

I would like to see a commercial company other than Mendeley (who’s
dedicating resources to the csl editor) step up and fund this though. We’re
not really talking about much work for someone who knows what they’re doing.