memo in book example

I just posted something on the zotero forums about a practical problem I
have with data entry/storage, but it occurs to me it has bearing here as
well. It’s deceptively tricky.

So I have a memo (with title, authors, date) that was subsequently
published in an edited book (with its date, title, editors, publisher,
and page numbers).

The tricky problem is the date.

Typically in CSL we’ve been adopting this convention that when you are
dealing with parts and containers, what would be "container-date"
actually gets simplified to “date.” This is so because typically the
part isn’t really understood to exist independently of the published
item, and it would be a PITA to model it explicitly in CSL.

That fails in this case, because we have two important “dates”: the date
the memo was issued (internally within an organization), and the date it
was subsequently published.

I’m not exactly sure how it ought to be formatted, but probably
something like:

[authors] [date] [title] published in [container-title] [publisher]

So testing:

Does that work?