jurisdiction field

There’s a need for a “jursidiction” field for legal cases and
statutes. With increasing activity around legal styles, and a schema
freeze in Zotero 2.0 coming up, I’d like to get this into CSL 1.0 and
hooked up in Zotero before 2.0 goes final, if poss.**

People are starting to use “extra” for jurisdiction info, which is not
a good sign:

DB schema freeze coming up in 2.0

** Universal qualification: Unless I’m missing something and a simpler
solution exists.


This seems to make sense, though give me a few days to think about it.

Also, a note to the Zotero guys:

There are a lot of hooks in BIBO for defining values of properties as
URIs. This is one of them. Most of these are unused by Zotero, though,
which tends to treat the everything as literal fields with blank node
RDF. I’d like to see you work at transitioning away from this.