Juris-M style module editor

Following our discussion in the “Macro condition” thread last month, I
built an editor for the legal style modules I had in mind. The initial
version just went up at:


When you enter the style editor area of the site, it will request
access to your public GitHub repositories, and cast a personal fork of
the modular styles repo to support pull requests from your account.
There is a tutorial that explains the modular architecture, and covers
the basics of module coding. There is also a nice live cite previewer
in there that might be useful for general style editing as well as the

The site will eventually house a rebranded release of MLZ, which I’ll
probably be plugging away at into the summer break.

(If there is interest, the GitHub submission code could be modified to
route CSL 1.0.1 styles to the GitHub repo for review - not sure if
that would just add confusion, though.)

Anyway, take a look, comments welcome, hope it proves useful!


Wow; looks like a lot of work!

Will take a look later, when I have some time :wink: