Is it possible to have multiple citation styles in a single csl file


Is it possible to achieve the citation functionality described in (i.e. using in text citations of (Smith et al. 1998; Brock and Gunderson 2001; Felt 2006) and Smith et al. (1998); Brock and Gunderson (2001); Felt (2006) depending on the place of the citation in the text) with a single csl style/file.

Peter G.

sorry for not replying to your email (but this is a better place for questions anyway).

This can’t be done in CSL directly, but tools using CSL have various ways of handling this. In Zotero, e.g., narrative citations i.e. Smith (1776) are handled by typing the author and using “Omit author” in the word processor add-on. Other tools, like pandoc, have built-in support for narrative citations ([@smith1776] forth parenthetical and @smith1776 for narrative citations) which would work for your example (though you can’t, as e.g. required by APA, define different in and out-of-parentheses formats like Smith and Marx vs. Smith & Marx)

Not out of the box, but it’s possible if you are willing to use filters.