integrating new tests?

Does anybody have any insight into how best to integrate Frank’s new
test suite into standard testing frameworks in python, ruby, etc.?



I’ve done some work toward that end in Ruby, but I’ve not had much
time to work on it recently. Given the implementation of citeproc that
Liam produced initially, it’s not that hard to integrate the tests -
just a matter of augmenting the CSL a bit (so that it has necessary
info fields, etc. and hence will parse) and fixing up Liam’s code in a
few places. Now, getting the tests to pass, on the other hand, is a
bit more work - things have evolved quite a bit since Liam put the
existing code together and even then he didn’t finish all of it.

I’ve been a bit hesitant to commit any changes for fear of breaking
things as Liam’s code does work reasonably well.


Why not create a branch, then?

There’s a guy working on a fork of citeproc-rb over on github, and
he’s interested in the test suite. Would be nice to get you two
together. You could always move the code over their and ping him to
see about collaborating.