[IMPORTANT] (was Proposal re locators and numbers)

The hierarchy positions of “chapter”, “section”, “part” and "book"
aren’t fixed, are they? I can remember people expressing very strong
options about whether the smallest unit of a Japanese statute should
be translated as “section” or “article”, and whether a mid-level
division should be a “part” or a “section”.

I assumed that the pinpoint information would be fixed in the
application, passed as an array, and rendered in the order received.
Sort of like names work now, and with similar UI support on
application side.

So here’s the decision boiled down:

Are citation locators a) an unordered hash/dictionary, or b) an ordered array?

Either option has implications for style authoring and for citation
encoding and GUIs. Option A is simpler all around, but leaves no
option for the user to define the order. B is more complex, but more

My tendency is to want to say A, but that would require us to define
the ordering in CSL.