IEEE Citation Style


on 3rd of July 2009 I posted a message on this mailing list regarding
IEEE citation==========

I sometimes use the IEEE citation style with Zotero. Currently it will
show multiple citations in text in the following form

but according to,
the citation should preferably look like

[1], [3]-[5], [7]<<,
which I already saw in some IEEE publications.

The conclusion to my understanding was, to wait for the new engine.

Since Zotero 2.0 was released, is this possible and is there work underway to change the IEEE citation style?

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Zotero 2.0 does not yet include the new CSL engine. It should be introduced
with Zotero 2.1, which probably is at least a few months away. However, when
the time comes, the existing IEEE style won’t need any changes (see
an CSL 1.0 example).