How to remove white space between bibliographic records

Let me start by saying that I am new to CSL and citation styles and have no background in xml programming.

I work in IT supporting a group of Medical Writers. Our company recently transitioned from QUOSA to ReprintsDesk’s Article Galaxy References literature management system. Our Medical Writing team prefers to use the “Springer Basic (author-date)” citation style. However, when we insert the Bibliography into the Word document using the Article Galaxy References Word plug-in, too much whitespace is being added between bibliographic records. I am trying to figure out how to close the gap between bibliographic records without having to manually adjust each record.

The Word plug-in is inserting each record into a Content Controlled field. And whenver the Bibliography refreshes, formatting changes (including whitespace removal) get adjusted back to their original format. I have tried to remove the whitespace using the Content Control field properties, but with no success. I believe I will need to remove the whitespae at the CSL level. I have downloaded the Springer Basic (author-date) .csl file and have been using the Citation Styles Visual Editor to try to remove the whitespace, but none of my adjustments have fixed the issue yet. I have adjusted entry-spacing and line-spacing to 0, but that has made no difference either.

Could someone please advise the best way to remove whitespace between bibliographic records? Is there some xml code I can introduce into the .csl file, or some tag I can insert into the Content Control fields in Word? Please advise.

I have included a screenshot in this thread to better illustrate the problem.

Sorry, I’m afraid there’s not much we can do to help. In terms of CSL, setting entry-spacing="0" for the bibliography is all you’d need to do, and, e.g., in Zotero, this is what the style looks with that setting:

So you’d have to talk to Article Galaxy’s support about this: something is off with their CSL implementation. Are you seeing spacing correctly in the visual editor?

Thanks, @Sebastian_Karcher . Yes, the spacing looks correct in the visual editor. It’s just the Word doc rendering that seems to be inserting additional whitespace. I will escalate to Article Galaxy, but I was hoping for a quicker workaround as they have been slow to respond to development requests.

Understandable – I wish I could help, but there’s no other setting for this, so nothing from the CSL side you could change, and the way the fields are structured in Word will be specific to the tool, so I don’t think anyone here would have any insight.