hmm ... xslt in ajax

Not sure what to make of this, but seems interesting:


Well as the readme mentioned many browsers already do client side XSLT,
e.g. Internet Explorer.

So for instance there are some interesting SRU clients which are really
just the raw ZeeRex or SRU response XML with a XSLT processing
instruction - in Internet Explorer this can produce a pretty functional
client. In a browser not supporting XSLT you just get raw XML.

With AJAXSLT, you can with a little script detect the browser and either
use the in built XSLT or for broswers which do not have such a thing,
use AJAXSLT and this be browser independent when doing such things.

Of course, that assumes that the browser supports JavaScript (or
JavaScript hasn’t been disabled e.g. for security purposes).

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I’ve been chatting with the author of this site a bit:

He’s expressed some interest in extending his drag-and-drop list work
to handle nested lists, which would mean it could handle CSL. I
started to work on XSLT that could map CSL definitions to XHTML lists.
Am thinking maybe client-side XSLT + JS could make for an interesting
editing GUI.