group class

Julian Onions wrote:

Can you tell me what

I keep using it and find I don’t really understand its purpose or actions!
What’s the difference between having a class or not? What does the class

It doesn’t really do anything, but it does provide some semantics that
can be passed on to the output format(s).

For example, a processor might output:

<span class="title>Some Periodical Title</span> </span> </p> <p>In this case, it’d be inserting the class value from CSL into the output.</p> <p>At some point, perhaps, we’ll have processors outputting RDFa (or<br> hCite*) enhanced content, in which case I’d guess this would become less<br> useful.</p> <p>Bruce</p> <ul> <li>I’m not the biggest fan of microformats, even if I like the basic<br> principle.</li> </ul>