dumb question of locales files

I’m forgetting the details of where we’re at on locales:

Someone emails me and wants to submit a translation. How best to do that?


PS - We should add this to a FAQ?

It’s a little bit complicated. The CSL 1.0 locale files at
http://bitbucket.org/bdarcus/csl-locales/src/tip/trunk/ were prepared from
the CSL 0.8 locale files I pulled down from the Zotero SVN a few months ago
(which in turn are periodically updated when the CSL 0.8 locale files
uploaded at Babelzilla have changed). There might be some recent
translations made to the 0.8 BabelZilla files that haven’t yet been synced
to the 1.0 files (I haven’t checked). Otherwise, the CSL 1.0 locale files
should be ready to be pushed to BabelZilla, where Zotero translators can
contribute to new translations.

In answer to your question: if the locale translation is complete, you could
commit it directly to the trunk directory (like I did for the Dutch locale:
http://bitbucket.org/bdarcus/csl-locales/changeset/ffe5605c20d8 )


P.S. Note that I wrote some translation instructions for the CSL 1.0 locale
files a while back:

It’s unlikely that we’re going to push CSL 1.0 locale files to
BabelZilla. BZ has a great community of users but is technically a huge
pain to deal with—and that’s for the Firefox locale files it’s
actually designed for. CSL locale files, as arbitrary XML files, are
even more difficult. We’re probably going to stop using BZ altogether
and build our own localization tool, but the CSL locale files should
probably be maintained separately anyway.

In any case, for now people should just make CSL locale changes directly
to the Zotero SVN and/or Bitbucket.

Is it easy to remove the CSL locale files from BabelZilla? Then I won’t have
to worry anymore about merging changes made at BabelZilla to the Bitbucket
repository. I also wouldn’t want to disappoint BabelZilla translators by
ignoring any of their (future) translations.


It’s not easy to do anything on BabelZilla. I’d recommend just posting a
note in the thread saying that no further CSL translations will be
merged. There’s not much left to translate, anyway.

The prompt I got was asking about Estonian (they said there isn’t one).


There is an Estonian locale file, but it seems untranslated:



I just checked, and the locales.xml files already seem to have been removed
from BabelZilla (not sure this is a recent change).


Yeah, that’s not recent (nor was it intentional, which is kind of the

So should I ask them to try to edit that and send me a patch?


Sure, but just the translated file would work as well. I modified the
translation instructions somewhat to remove the references to BabelZilla: