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Decommissioning/transfer of Propachi plugin?

The Propachi plugin has served well for rapid testing of changes to citeproc-js, and more recently as a workaround to support capitalization of sentence-case subtitles in styles that require it (APA being the leading culprit there).

Bug reports against the processor are now very infrequent. Since the release of the latest APA style revision, citeproc-js has been extended with a runtime toggle to enable sentence-case subtitle capitalization, and Zotero has moved to set the toggle automatically when the APA style is selected. It is a rare case indeed when guiding a user through the installation and use of the plugin is worth the effort.

Processor development is still somewhat active around multilingual functionality, but as this is used exclusively by Jurism, where I control the release cycle, there isn’t a need for Propachi releases that extend or improve that layer of the processor’s capabilities.

I’m inclined to remove the plugin from the Jurism site to reduce clutter. If anyone feels that it should continue to be updated at each point release, please let me know. I’ll be happy to hand over the keys with instructions on its (simple but hackish) build and release process.


So the plugin will go >poof<

This is really good news. Having a plugin installed just for this has always been a bit overkill, even if nice for those who needed it. With that out of the way, I agree that there is no strong reason to keep propachi around.

I’m a little concerned about uppercase subtitles for styles other than APA (e.g., most Harvard styles, Academy of Management). I suppose that most users of these styles store their data in APA-style sentence case (clinical psychology, social work, and other mixed social science/medicine fields are the only ones that generally must regularly handle both styles), but it would perhaps be good to compile a broader list of styles using uppercase subtitles other than APA variants for clients to check against if they want to implement runtime behavior like Zotero’s.

(But definitely agree it would be much better to automate this behavior rather than rely on Propachi.)