de-emphasizing types?

This is something I was going to send Simon off-list, but thought it’d
be good for the archives …

A thought:

If we have a good (flexible) macro system and if/then/else construct,
does that not suggest the possibility to de-emphasize typed templates?

We’re making good progress on ideas for the new bibliography RDF
ontology that splits really structural typing of data from “reference
type” and I’m thinking more and more that the answer to my question is

If that’s right, it has the capability not only to simplify styles, but
to also make them even more robust (an important goal of mine; I really
want to get to the place where users never have to think about adding
templates for different reference types).

Have not tested the idea against existing styles; just suggesting
something to keep in mind as we look to wrap up CSL 1.0.