DataCite - Fwd: Citation Style Language support

FYI (I asked the people behind DataCite for their experiences creating
citeproc-js JSON)---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Edward Zukowski

Hi Rintze,

Thank you for you message. I am keen on replacing ‘misc’ with 'dataset’
when appropriate - no problem here. But lack of type dataset was not the
only reason to use misc. DataCite assigns DOI for various type of content,
not only datasets. Our schema allows those broad categories:

  • Collection
  • Dataset
  • Event
  • Film
  • Image
  • InteractiveResource
  • Model
  • PhysicalObject
  • Service
  • Software
  • Sound
  • Text

Dataset is the most popular type: about 50% of our metadata is marked as
dataset. But at the same time about 1/3 of all records have no type
specified at all.

I think we might need misc type in CSL.

You also asked about our experience with mapping to CSL. It was painless as
our core metadata is citation oriented. In case you wanted to have a look
please check

Best regards,