Data type of value returned by makeBibliography API command

During Zotero integration work, Simon came across an anomaly in the
makeBibliography command, which was described as returning a string,
but in fact returned a list Array containing a single string item.
This was just a careless oversight on my part – the output queue
returns a value in this form, and I had forgotten to strip the array

I’ve fixed the makeBibliography command in citeproc-js so that it
returns a plain string, but as the API is meant to be shared among
multiple imlementations of CSL, Bruce suggested that I post here. If
anyone has comments or thoughts on this item, feel free to chime in.
Seems pretty straightforward, though (for once).


Seems fine. Fwiw, I currently have two seperate steps: the first
returns an array of formatted HTML + rdfa objects, while the second
dumps them to whatever output format string.