contextual labels for non-numeric page ranges

see e.g. here:

Currently, when a page range is non-numerical - including roman
numbers such as x-xv - citeproc-js treats it as a single unit, so e.g.
a page range x-xv is labaled as p. instead of pp. etc.

How do other CSL implementation handle this?
Is there any reason not to change this behavior so that everything
with a hyphen is considered plural or something along those lines?
Sebastian Karcher
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Political Science
Northwestern University

I agree with Sebastian that this would be desired behavior. I don’t think
we need to mention it explicitly in the spec though (a unit test would be


Done for citeproc-js, in release 1.0.384. The logic will only set
plurals where there is a numeric unit on either side of a hyphen or
en-dash. Numeric units are strings ending in a number, or alphabetic
strings consisting entirely of characters appropriate to a roman

Pluralisation could be made more indiscriminate, but in that case you
might want to document a method of escaping it in the spec
(citeproc-js honours a backslash escape on the hyphen character).