Hey Johan,

I see you’ve started working on citeproc-py. Cool! I know someone who
might be interested in that, so let us know how it goes.

Note, I have no opinion about ElementTree, but one of the reasons I
thought it might be good is that aside from people saying good things
about it, it will be included as a standard part of the Python core in
Python 2.5.

Also, see my Ruby version, as well as Simon’s Javascript code, for
different approaches to the same problem.

Finally, I just remembered: when I first set this up, I had a couple of
Python people strongly urge that we focus strongly on good unit tests.
One of the reasons for this is that it can help us build up a nice,
easy-to-use, API.

So I’d suggest you fill those out before doing serious coding (hmm …
I guess you got quite a lot done yesterday!). Feel free to post
suggestions on the API, modifications to my tests, etc.

I really like, BTW, the idea of abstracting the input and output
methods, a la citeproc-xsl; e.g. stuff like: