citation markup question

I’ve reimplemented the basic class logic and it’s now in the repo.

Back to citation makup.

The markup for label and number class can be exceedinly simple:

So there we say all citations heve an item child, just like
bibligraphiy. But that’s it.

The somewhat awkward bit is the “template” element that has to be
there to distinguish about different reference types (particularly in
bibliographies, and in note class citations). Right now we get this
for authoir-date:

It’s awkward because almost everyhing is a template, and it’s implicit
elsewhere. So it feels inconsistent to me.

So I decided to change “template” back to “type” and therefore
emphasize that it’s a sitation in which a processor must choose from
among different templates. To make the choice explicit (as in
subsittution) I did:


If there are no objections, that’s what it’ll be for 1.0.