Citation Style Language

Bibliography heading(s)

I have found a bunch of old posts this but I just wanted to make sure that this is still the case:

a) We would like for the CSL style to define the heading used for the bibliography (if there is one). Typically this will be either “Bibliography” or “References”. But it looks like there are no options in CSL to specify that, correct?

b) Within history one often needs to have one section of the bibliography of “primary sources” and another of “secondary sources”. There is no builtin way to deal with that using CSL, correct?

Both things are something we need to do in Fidus Writer, and we can do them outside of CSL - but we’d prefer to do them inside of CSL if at all possible.

Correct, neither of this is possible within CSL. I think our view has always been that this should be implemented by the end-user oriented tool (i.e. Fidus Writer, Zotero, Mendeley, etc.).
The biggest reason is that the mechanism for selecting items into the different bibliography sections under b) is really tool specific – this might be done with keywords, folders, some per-document selection mechanism, etc. – and I think that’s better handled by the end-user tool.

The other reason is that defining labels and sub-headings in citation styles would create endless variety within citation styles (Chicago with References, Chicago with Bibliography, Chicago with References and Primary&Secondary Sources, etc. etc.)

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Ok, understood. So whether or not the headline is “Reference list” or “Bibliography” is not something the style guides tend to specify? Same is true for whether to separate primary and secondary sources?

Depends – some style manuals are very specific (like APA) others aren’t, others (like Chicago Manual) are very flexible – that’s especially true for the sectioned bibliography, which is rarely defined in a styleguide but frequently used e.g. in history as you note.

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