Citation Style Language

Article number vs. page range

Some online journals paginate each article individually, i.e. each article starts at page 1. Using page ranges for identification purposes is not useful in these cases, that’s why some style guides require article numbers in these cases:; CMoS17 is similar here (CMoS, 14.174, p. 832).

This has already been discussed on the Zotero forums, but I don’t know if anything has come out of this?

Shouldn’t this be handled somehow with CSL 1.1?

In terms of CSL styles, could this just be handled by assuming that article-journal or article-magazine items might have a number variable, as well as or instead of a page value?

That said, I really don’t understand why style guides don’t just treat article numbers as single page numbers in these cases. Bibliographic databases don’t make this distinction very widely.

Using number could work here. But, as you and @Sebastian_Karcher have mentioned we should check first if this could have side effects. How could this done?