Are Series Abbreviations included in the CSL spec?

The disciplines I work in and around (the study of the Ancient Near East,
Early Judaism, Early Christianity, and Biblical Studies) are addicted to
including series names and numbers in book citations, and do so mostly by
means of series abbreviations. I’d love to see series abbreviation used by
Zotero in the relevant CSL styles, and aim to try to keep the issue live in
the Zotero forums.

Perhaps some one can help me with a CSL question related to this issue: Is
the requisite architecture for ‘series abbreviations’ present in CSL? I
can’t seem to figure this out myself. Mainly this means we need a field
name for Series Abbreviation like the current one for Journal Title
Abbreviations (or whatever it’s called). Ultimately it would be nice to
have styles (Chicago notes, SBL) that use the Series Abbreviation when
present, but default to a full series title otherwise.

There was some hope given of series
introduced in Zotero 1.5, but it hasn’t shown up yet in the beta.

Thanks for your help,

Scot Becker

This has never come up, and I’m not really sure.

A short journal title would be captured like this:

So while I think the same should work for the series/collection title,
I’m wondering if we also need an “abbreviation” form? Or is it enough
to leave things as they are, and allow implementations to catch up
that expectation?