APA and publishers

I am going through some tickets in Papers2 regarding styles. I have this one ticket I am not sure how to best handle:

… I inserted a bibliography, these publishers’ names also showed up in the citation. In the APA style, we do not cite the names of the publishers for journal papers (we do cite publishers’ name for books)…

It looks like the issue that was discussed before, where the ‘publisher’ variable is only relevant for non-articles in Zotero and is thus only displayed for e.g. books. In Papers, articles can have a publisher, and it seems the consensus is that this is actually a proper behavior, see the discussion we had on github: https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles/issues/82#issuecomment-3681234 and following comments.

I’d be happy to modify APA to have some conditionals added on the publisher, but since it’s such an important style, I don’t want to mess it up, so I’d like to get your advice or comments first. Or if you guys think we should simply never output a publisher for articles.

Thanks for your feedback!

Charles Parnot
twitter: @cparnot

What APA do with publishers in other, non-journal, articles?

In any case, the current code probably reflects that Zotero hasn’t had
a “publisher” variable on journal articles. So I see no problem is
tightening this up. The question is just how best to do this.

Yes, that’s the same issue.
I don’t see any harm in a change to APA (or any other existing style)
that puts an
into the
publisher macro - I assume that’s what you would do?

AFAICT, the publisher is not included in magazine articles, newspapers, etc…, but that’s just based on this page: https://docs.google.com/gview?url=http://owl.english.purdue.edu//media/pdf/20110928111055_949.pdf&chrome=true

I am not sure if the best place for the <choose> element is then in the macro itself, or in the group that calls the macro in the <bibliography>. Here is what I have tentatively done in the macro. I figured it’s best to keep the main <layout> as clean as possible:


That’s exactly what I would have suggested, yes. I prefer the
bibliography section to be as clean as possible. And yes, do add
article-newspaper. That’s definitely correct for APA. I would think
that most styles don’t cite the publisher for newspapers (we certainly
never had it requested in Zotero, which doesn’t have a publisher field
for newspapers either), but I’d check that on an individual basis.

Great, will do!

Like I said, I only checked with you guys because it’s APA. I have done it before for other more obscure styles without asking :wink: