ANNOUNCE: citeproc-hs-0.2


I’m happy to announce the release of citeproc-hs-0.2.


  1. Added support for citation collapsing options. This fills the last
    major gap to a usable CSL implementation;

  2. added a wrapper around hs-bibutils[1] (disabled by default). By
    installing hs-bibutils and linking citeproc-hs to it with
    the ‘-fbibutils’ configuration flag, it is possible to read all the
    bibliographic databases supported by bibutils[2];

  3. added some haddock API documentation:

  4. simplified and started to document the internals of the library.


citeproc-hs can be downloaded from Hackage:


citeproc-hs is a Haskell implementation of the Citation Style
Language. It adds to pandoc, the famous Haskell text processing tool,
a Bibtex like citation and bibliographic formatting and generation

The Citation Style Language (CSL) is an XML language for specifying
citation and bibliographic formatting, similar in principle to BibTeX
.bst files or the binary style files in commercial products like
Endnote or Reference Manager.

CSL is used by Zotero for bibliographic style formatting, and a huge
number of CSL styles have been developed by the Zotero community.

More information, with installation instructions, can be found here:

Hope you’ll enjoy,
Andrea Rossato