annotated style, trailing period

I just added an annotated style (based on APA) to the repo, but came
across a little problem.

       <type name="book">
         <date prefix=" (" suffix=").">
         <group suffix=".">
           <titles font-style="italic" prefix=" "/>
           <group prefix=" (" suffix=")" delimiter=", ">
         <publisher prefix=" "/>
         <access prefix=" "/>

So the schema says that the annote field should be rendered as a
block. That’s fine, but what about the trailing period? We’ve not
explicitly defined that. Do we say in the text of documentation how
to handle this? If we make it explicit, then it means wrapping all
but the last field in a group element, and giving that a suffix value
of “.”

So normal case would be:

… and annoted case would be: