Activate two citeproc options: consolidate + track containers

Is it easily possible to activate two citeproc-options for being part of the official CSL specification? I am looking at consolidate-containers and track-containers which are already implemented in the citeproc-js as extension. This should allows to cite individual chapters but only mention the book in the list of references once as it is common for legal commentaries in law studies.

Some existing CSL styles that treat legal commentaries as entry-encyclopedia suggest to work around the issue of multiple entries in the list of references by manually deleting them. Those workflows would be immediately improved.

Are there any reasons against this suggestion? What exactly would be needed to do?

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I would welcome the addition!
I don’t remember if these extensions have been discussed already, but requests for similar features come up from time to time. I think one of the main arguments against something like that was that this either requires a non-flat data structure with parent and child entries, or some other way to heuristically determine whether something is a container, which is what citeproc-js uses IIRC.

Given that the suggestion finds acceptance, the two options would have to be added to the schema, and we’d also need the respective explanations for the specification.

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