Citation Style Language

Test for specific jurisdiction

The field jurisdiction is a CSL variable which can be rendered. However, for a legal style I want to distinguish the rendering for cases based on the value of the jurisdiction variable, since the European cases have to be rendered differently than the German cases.

I have seen such tests in Juris-M styles, e.g. the following form

   <if jurisdiction="de">
      <text value="5"/>

Are such constructs working also as part of common CSL styles in combination with Zotero? Any drawback when I try to do that? (I see some warning about not valid style, but otherwise my first tests seem to work.)

CSL-M can be used with Zotero as well. Usually, you use version="1.1mlz1" on cs:style to start citeproc-js in CSL-M mode. I am not sure if CSL-M extensions work properly if you use version="1.0". The only drawback I am aware of is that you won’t be able to upload your style to the official style repository.

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