Sorting question

I have three entries, which I am sorting by title. I think some would
say that this is a desirable sort order for them:

An Altogether Unknown History of Soviet-Mongolian Relations
A Book of Five Rings
His Anonymous Life

But of course alphabetical sorting in the English locale just sorts on
the literal characters in the strings, so I’m getting this instead:

A Book of Five Rings
An Altogether Unknown History of Soviet-Mongolian Relations
His Anonymous Life

There are lots of possibilities, and I don’t have much hope for a
complete solution in the short term. But I’d at least like to provide
a hook in the code so that these glitches can be incrementally
remedied in response to user feedback. The immediate question that
that brings with it, though, is how the information fed to the hook
should be organized – what parameters should govern it. Is string
mangling/sort order tweaking governed by language alone, or by
language and style? And are there other parameters?

I don’t know whether this is a CSL issue, but any suggestions or info
would be very welcome.


I’m not sure where the solution belongs (maybe CSL locales), but a
common general solution for this is to have a localized list of
exclude or stop words.