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Moving versioning discussion to here?

I created three PRs on the schema repo: one for the new intext element, one for type changes, and the last for variable changes.

This is with the idea in part to figure out how the workflow (in particular review) should work going forward.

Right now, @Rintze_Zelle and @Sebastian_Karcher are the only people that can be set to be reviewers.

I think we want to widen that, maybe with different permissions for different teams. I’ll see if I can figure that out.

Ah, here we go.

OK, I created the schema PR review team on the main org account, then assigned it to schema.

I then sent invites for the team to @Denis_Maier and @bwiernik and added that team as reviewers for the three PRs.

You two should, once you accept, be able to review, but I don’t think you have rights to merge the commits, which rintze and sebastian do.

Can everyone test this please and post here what you think?

Also added frank to the team.

Got it. I got the invitation. I needed to go to the main CSL github profile page for the invite notification to pop up.

I see the review request. This should work well.


One question I was unsure how to answer is what should be given preference to be assigned to milestones: issues, or PRs potentially linked to issues?

My impulse is the latter, as then the accepted and completed milestones are linked directly to the commits, but I’m not 100% sure.

Worth thinking about though as you test.

Also, teams can have sub-teams.

Got the invitation by mail.
I can see the review request on the pull requests page. But not on the dashboard. Is that supposed to be like that?

You mean the org dashboard or the personal one?

This and this suggests it should show up on both, I think.


I can see the request on the issues and on the pull request page, but not on the dashboards.

Did you get notification emails for the three review requests?

I have to write more to send my reply.

Perhaps a problem with github today. Earlier, I took about half an hour to create a new repo.

Github has been really buggy the last few days.

Note: when you do review, if you want to suggest a change (likely not relevant here), you can indicate that, and tie the request to a specific commit line.

I think that’s what we want.

We now have a couple of issues on the proposal review board where we already have PRs and which are clearly for the next release. Shouldn’t we remove them from the board. Most of them are tagged with a Milestone anyway. Or, at least, we could move them to another column (what about “done” or “assigned to release”?).
What do you think?

Well, we need to close the issues, and merge the PRs.

That should clearly distinguish the status; shouldn’t it?

While I can do the merges, I’m leery of doing so without sign-off from rintze and/or sebastian.

Yes, finally the issues should be closed and the PRs merged. But in the meantime, I thought it would keep the board cleaner if we get them out of the way. Just to see where we still need to discuss if they can be addressed in CSL 1.0.2 or 1.0.3 or in whatever version in the future.

Sure. We can always remove when we get these merged.