more updates

I added a minor new feature I need for archival documents: file number
support. E.g:—
Acting Director FBI, (1973a) teletype to U.S. Secret Service, In R.
Dewing et al., The FBI files on the American Indian Movement and
Wounded Knee. Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, file
number 105-203686-519.

BTW, what’s nice about the above is that it’s formatted using the
default fallback system (the chapter definition); and it’s rendered
perfectly :slight_smile:

Also, I think I forgot to mention that I updated all the DocBook
namespace declarations everything (documents and stylesheets) to use
the new – permanent – namespace that Norm Walsh added with the latest
DocBook NG release: Lillet.

So if you experiment and things don’t work, that’s why; update your
namespace declaration url to match what’s in the stylesheets.