Item type for "classical" references?

There is a special requirement for the classics and other ancient
works well known within their respective fields of study.

An abbreviated cite to the work is used, without reference to a
particular publication. Because the work is well known to the
readership, it is not included (as a work) in the bibliography.

One way to handle it would be to add a “classical” item type to CSL,
for which bibliography output is never produced. Styles could then
apply a simplified standard style to such references, using only the
author and title fields, plus whatever is entered as the page locator.
Discussion is here:


That this is too complex an issue to split in on short notice :wink:

Effectively, this person wants to cite what FRBR calls a work;
something at a higher level of abstractions than we typically deal
with in citations. But we have no such notion in CSL ATM (nor in
Zotero, or BIBO).

Might be worth adding to the BB tracker, though, for some post-1.0 release.


That’d be “slip in”.