[important] fixing locales directory

All - the current structure of the locales repo makes sense if you’re
using SVN or CVS, but not for a DVCS.

So I modified it as follows:

  • created v0.8 branch; copied all branches/0.8 files to it
  • copied all ‘trunk’ content to ‘default’ branch

The only thing I can’t figure out is why I still see the "branches"
dir on the bitbucket server.

Also struggling to mirror this with bitbucket.


Fixed the first one.

So workflow, then:

If you need to edit on the 1.0 files, then you just stay in the default branch.

If you need to edit 0.8 files, then …

$ hg checkout v0.8

… do your work as usual, and make sure to switch back to the
’default’ branch when done.


I can mirror the default branch correctly now, but get the feeling
from this that hg bookmarks are more appropriate mappings to git


Will try to sort this out later, but if anyone else can figure it out,
that’d be great.