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CSL 1.0.2 and 1.1 Development Window Open

I’d say largely (at least for me) as a consequence of the pandemic, some of us (me, along with @bwiernik and @Denis_Maier, and key input from @Rintze_Zelle and @Sebastian_Karcher) have found some time to do some work whittling down the backlog of issues and pull requests on the various CSL repos.


Current plan is to push out two releases over the next two months:

  1. v1.0.2: variable additions mostly
  2. v1.1: remove some items previously marked to deprecate, add new features (like an intext element, allow different formatting for title and subtitles, etc.)

A lot of this work is already done, the latter on the v1.1 branch.

I am hoping we can tag a pre release version of 1.0.2 in the coming weeks, and then allow for a comment period before tagging v1.0.2, and then same process a bit later with v1.1.

How you can contribute

We have setup a proposal review project (though it’s not as automated as it might be, and I’ve not been manually updating it recently), and milestones for v1.0.2 and v.1.1. Hopefully this makes it easier to track progress.

If you think we’ve missed an issue, or want to submit or review PRs, including for documentation, now would be the time.

I’d in particular like to add some developers to a PR review team, so we can get feedback early, and make decisions quickly.

Just an update: goal is to close work on v1.0.2 end of week, and tag v1.0.2-pre.1, and then have a comment period.

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Tag is here. Please review and let us know if any feedback.

This release pretty much just adds new types and variables, and so closes a lot of issues and PRs that have been hanging around.

We were aggressive in trying to close as many outstanding issues as possible, but I think conservative in only accepting changes we thought would be uncontroversial.

Thanks much to @bwiernik and @Denis_Maier for all the help!

v1.1 should be even more cool!

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