Bluebook collapsing rule

The Bluebook page number collapsing rule is (of course) different from
all the others. Collapsing happens only if the difference is limited
to the last two characters in the number.

“Rule 3.2(a) applies only to consecutive page and note numbers and
only when non-repetitious digits appear only in the units or tens
position of the number. Do not drop repetitious digits from
consecutive section or paragraph numbers, sections of statutes, or
years. Both of the following examples are incorrect: [1979–1980
Transfer Binder] Fed Sec. L. Rep. (CCH) ¶¶ 578–93; Curtis A. Bradley &
Jack L. Goldsmith, Congressional Authorization and the War on
Terrorism, 118 Harv. L. Rev. 2048, 2096–100 (2005). Note that while
repetitious digits in the units or tens positions may not be dropped
from section and paragraph numbers, identical digits or letters
preceding any punctuation mark may be omitted, so long as doing so
does not create confusion. See Bluebook rules 3.3(b) and 3.3©. This
example is correct: Wash. Rev. Code Ann. §§ 18.51.005–.52.900 (West
1989 & Supp. 1991).”

Possible to add “bluebook” to the list of page collapsing algorithms
to cover this, or should it be held until post-1.0?