asterisk suffix for page label

I am scratching my head on a report by a user that noticed asterisks in the suffix of the page label for page locators in the Harvard style for Imperial College, for instance:

(Andrews, Boyne, Meier, et al., 2011, p*79)

Well, the user noticed the asterisk, and I noticed it comes from the label suffix:

Based on this page, it should instead be a period:

I may be missing something, hence me asking. It’s present in 4 of the Harvard variants, so it’s either intentional, or it’s just a result of some simple copy and paste when more styles were derived from the first.

If it does not ring a bell for anyone, I’ll just correct the styles.


Charles Parnot
twitter: @cparnot

I don’t remember a reference to that - it seems like some placeholder
as a reminder for further editing? In any case, yes, please do go
ahead and fix those for styles.

OK, done.